I use Arch BTW

Sat Nov 11 2023

Btw did I told you that I use Arch with Hyprland.

Jokes aside, I really use Arch and I have good reasons for that. If you're here since the creation of this blog, you must know that I had an Hackintoshed Dell Optiplex 7050 as my daily driver since the beginning of 2022 and it was going great. But than we had that earthquake, lost all my computers and got same new ones back and started from fresh with macOS Ventura on same config with minimal changes like updating the OpenCore and the Kexts.

But the problem was, since it wasn't a real mac or the latest and greatest hardware for a setup like that, it started to lack a lot of things. For example I had to patch the OS with OpenCore Legacy Patcher to get my GPU working fine with macOS Ventura but to do that I had to disable several security features and that ended up with some non working proprietary apps like AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop which I needed for college.

Well at that point you may ask "Wait Batuhan, how you're supposed to run those programs on Arch Linux?" And this is the great part. I'm not. Actually I'm running those programs under a Tiny11 KVM virtual machine with my main AMD GPU is being passed to virtual machine. And it works great to be honest. Way better than I expected.

The reason I did that on Arch becouse since I wanted to try something different than anything that I use daily and some people on various places has told me that Arch was the best distro in terms of performance and that was the exact thing I wanted from this setup.

I'll give you more details about this setup but for now this is it guys. Until next time!

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Thank You!

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