Selfhosting Obsidian LiveSync

Tue Aug 01 2023

I've been using Obsidian as my on the go note taking application since I wrote this post. Since than it was great, like it had all the features I needed from a note taking app but the biggest thing it lacked was note syncing. So in this post I'm gonna talk about how I solved this problem.

I know that Obsidian has a note syncing feature for only 8$ per month but the reason I left Evernote was paying for simple features and I paying for Obsidian left no reason for switching from Evernote.

While searching for external solutions like Resillio Sync or Syncthing, I found out a plugin for Obsidian named obsidian-livesync and I decided to give it a shot. I created an Ubuntu server VM on my server, followed the insturactions and it was ready. I created an empty vault on my phone and installed this plugin, copied my stuff over and it was working perfectly fine! It was fast, it was instant and it was resource efficent thanks to couchDB. My virtual server configration only had 2 GBs of ram and 2 CPU core with 64GBs of storage (2 Gbs of Swap space) and the screenshot below shows how much resources it uses under load.

And my experiences with it was great too. I used it to sync files between 3 devices and as I said before it was instant. Like I can edit a file on my phone while it's opened on my desktop and I was able to see the changes on my desktop. It's similar to Evernote's new feature named Real time editing but without it's fancy features.

Configuring the server side is really easy as just installing the CouchDB and creating your users. Both of the documentions for obsidian-livesync and Apache CouchDB is well written and explains what you need to do so I won't gonna go in details.

So this was it, if you need any help on setting up your server you can always come into our Discord Server and ask for help. Until next time.

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