Leaving my paid subscriptions

Sat Jul 08 2023

I had lot’s of subscription over different apps such as Feedly, Discord, Spotify, Netflix and as I cancelled it recently Evernote. And keeping up with all of these subscriptions started to become an hassle for me.

At the beginning all of them were cheap. It was only a coffee a month and I’m not a person who drinks much coffee so keeping up with all these subscriptions was easy. But than lot’s of things changed. Like stability of Turkish economy and it affected my subscriptions too. Almost all of the prices jumped from affordable to nearly affordable and when I took a look at them, they wasn’t even worth paying that price. I was already considering cancelling Netflix becouse only user of it was my brother. When it comes to Spotify I was only paying it for removing ads. And almost same for every other thing I pay. I was paying only for one thing and wasn’t using the full features of that subscription and for that I’m going to cancel all of them.

How I’m gonna replace them?

It’s actually very easy for most of them to get replaced. I’ll use NetNewsWire app for Feedly, use spot-dl to download my songs and use Apple Music app on my iPhone and Nextcloud for syncing them, Netflix with some JellyFin and I’m just gonna cancel my Nitro becouse only thing it gave me was customisations and I think we don’t really need all these stuff if it’s behind a paywall.

Another thing I’ll do is to donate some of this money to Fediverse instances like Fosstodon and Pixelfed.social, becouse Fediverse is growing day by day and server admins are the ones makes that possible with no income or money at all and only ways we could support them is our content and coffee. If you wanna learn how much it costs for a Mastodon instance like Fosstodon costs monthly, you can check out this blogpost from official blog of Fosstodon.

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