We already have Mastodon why we need Pixelfed

Wed Jun 28 2023

My journey with Fediverse has began when DistroTube created his own public Mastodon instance named distrotoot and since that day I'm an active user of Mastodon. Over time I found out that this place was a much better version of Twitter and when Elon Musk brought out Twitter, I deleted my account and switched completely to Mastodon.

Over the time I found out that Fediverse isn't just a bunch of Mastodon servers but instead it was a huge collection of platforms like Mastodon, Plemora], Calckey, micro.blog, Lemmy, Kbin and much more like that. And if you look close to them you can see that almost all of them has existed as an alternative and continued to improve themselves. Like Mastodon and Plemora is for Twitter, Calckey is for Facebook, Lemmy and Kbin is for Reddit and much more.

We had very good alternatives for most of the big tech platforms expect one. Instagram. If I'm wrong please fix me, as far as I know we didn't had any alternatives on Fediverse for a platform like Instagram and this is where Pixelfed comes into place. Pixelfed aims to be the Instagram of the Fediverse and even tho it's still in beta I can easly say that it does a pretty good job.

When I discovered it back in March, I didn't wanted to create an account or use it becouse at the beginning I trought that it was just same as Mastodon but with images and than I proved myself wrong and decided to create an account over at Pixelfed and use it as my public photo library. Before Pixelfed I was using Pexels for that and it was completely fine but I wanted to contribute to this platform with my content and this is what I'm doing.

I'm not actually using it as a replacement for Instagram becouse the only use of the Instagram was comminicating with my friends and nothing more. But if you wanna replace Pixelfed with Instagram you can also import your data from Instagram and enjoy the Fediverse as the way you like.

So in the end, we have Pixelfed becouse we need it for the perfect Fediverse possible.

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