I'm sorry but I'm not going to delete my Reddit account.

Fri Jun 23 2023

I assume you know the recent updates about Reddit's new api changes and community's protest about that in case you don't know, you can learn more from The Verge's this post.

Reddit's CEO wanted to be the Elon Musk of his own platform and started to charge developers for using their public API on their own apps and it didn't worked out as expected. When that happened to Twitter some people including myself has deleted their Twitter account and switched over to much open alternatives like Mastodon and Calckey and Twitter has continued to it's chaotic everyday life. Becouse poeple who left the Twitter isn't actually active members of Twitter and was there only to follow news or just to like someone elses posts.

But for Reddit the situation is so much different. Becouse Reddit isn't just a micro blogging platform and it's actually a very big forum site and that makes it a core part of our internet. Like for example, you can follow an hastag about a topic on Twitter but you can't just create a post under that hastag about a problem and get help. But on Reddit you can just join a communtiy and create a post and get help about the problem you're having. And not just that. Reddit is around since the year 2005 and that actually makes it an huge public archive for many content you could imagine!

Even tho I don't support the direction of the Reddit, this doesn't means I won't gonna use it or delete my account and forget about it. As I said before, it's a core part of Internet and it's not easy to replace it with something different. I've tried that before writing this post with creatign an account over at lemmy.world but it lacked so many things of Reddit. And one big with it was there was at least 7 communities named technology over at different servers and that's nothing more than a split up community. And not just that, this actually makes finding stuff makes harder. Another problem with Lemmy was, the federation wasn't as good as Mastodon and I faced a lot of problems on that. Like being stuck at past, not being able to post something on a community that's located at another server or not being able to view the content from a different server.

One more thing

(I'll make a more detailed post about that later) One reason that we can't replace Reddit is becouse Reddit is for everyone but Fediverse isn't. We can't just teach non techy people how ActivityPub or federation between servers and other stuff. All of these would sound like magic to them and this will just make them confused. Also the existing alternatives for Reddit isn't ready for that yet. If we want to replace Reddit, we still have so many way to go.

And in the end, we aren't living in the perfect federated and open-sourced world and things I talked above just it makes it almost impossible for so many people (including myself) to just give up on Reddit and switch to alternatives like kbin and Lemmy but this doesn't mean I won't switch to them one day.

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