Here goes my highschool life

Mon Feb 06 2023

With it's goods and bads, an entire 4 year journey has ended today and I don't know what to say. It actually started really well and I really wished saying the same thing for ending too. I met lot's of good people in that time and of course I had some people that I wished to never met (Yes I'm talking about you Mis. Pekdemir. FUCK YOU!) and had a great time with them. Having that plandemic and being stuck at home for 1.5 years has took so moch stuff from us but the rest of the 2.5 years were great times an I'm happy becouse it happened and I'm sorry becouse it come to an end.

But as always we grown up and time passes and now it's time to be productive, make money and escape matrix like Andrew Tate did lol.

So what I'm gonna do now?

  • Answer for that question is actually depended so much on which collage I'll go becouse I have 2 plans now.
  • The Plan A is being an electrical engineer and have a carrier based on programming and other stuff.
  • The plan B is studying graphical design and creating my own advertaising businness based on that.

And much more like that but the thing I know is I'm gonna sucsess and won't let anyone to take me down from the way I wanna go.


I'm typing this for the everyone who has been with me since the beginning of this 4 year journey. You guys are awesome and I hope you all can live in the perfect life that you're dreaming of. I also want to say a thank you to my English teacher Hatice İşler. Without her I wouldn't be able to write this post in English or have the motivation to learn this language. She helped me and my friends a lot and I hope everything goes well on her side.

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