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Tue May 30 2023

Yesterday I was inside a boredom and decided to take a look at places like Hacker News and Lobsters. I read lot's of blogposts from random people and noticed that the much simpler the post gets the much understandable and readable it gets. Let's talk about that.

Your posts should be summeraised

While reading these long posts from various writers I noticed that all of them was hiding their content under lot's of uselles sentences and after some point that became for us readers to keep up with the post they're reading and after some point that can keep readers away from your blog. You should keep your sentences and posts simple as possible and more focused on your topic.

Theming of your site

Another mistake people do is they're trying to keep their blogs minimal as possible by getting rid of any type of theme or text styling and that ends up with just a white page and some text on it with default font of your browser and that actually makes everything much harder. I know there is some suckless fans out there that enjoys their webpages with pure HTML on their favourite terminal web browser I'm perfectly fine with them but we don't have to build our blogs for these people. A proper theme actually makes reading your content and navigating around your webpage much easier. If you're using the default Jekyll theme, I suggest you to use one of these themes instead.

Split your content into different paragraphs

This is actually a mistake that I have done in the past. When writing your content make sure to split them into multiple paragraphs on right places. That actually makes reading and makes finding the thing you're searching much easier. 1 huge paragraph with everything in one place keeps readers away from main focus of the content and results with your readers loss of the interest on your content. But splitting it into multiple paragraphs helps your reader to focus more and also makes more efficent to both write and read.

So this was it guys, I wanted to write down my own troughs about that and if you're think that I'm wrong or I'm right you can always talk to me over e-mail or at Fosstodon. One of my friends is planning to start a blog for himself and to help him I'm planning to make a more detailed post about how you can create your own blog. Until next time.

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