I hate Ubuntu and it's my daily driver now

Mon May 22 2023

Neofetch I've been using macOS Monterey on my Dell Optiplex 7050 using OpenCore" and everythig was smooth and worked in the way that they should. But after I lost my computers on earthquake and when got the new ones at the beginning of the May I decided to go with Linux and Ubuntu as the distro.

The reason I did go with Ubuntu becouse it's been like 4 years since last time I installed and used Ubuntu on my daily driver and wanted to see how far it did come in that time. I know we have better alternatives like POP!, Debian and Linux Mint. I didn't wanted to go with the first two becouse they were stable release distros and I've used Linux Mint recently before installing Fedora on my laptop and since I mentioned earlier I wanted to try something that I haven't tried in a long time.

Also another reason is I'm going to start a carrier in videography and graphic design and the applications I've use like Kdelive, Blender, Inkspace, Krita and Figma Linux has first hand support for Ubuntu and this makes my life soo much easier in most considrable way.


Only thing I hate about Ubuntu is it forces users to use their package format snap and even tho I use it to run Nextcloud and some other stuff on my server, I don't like them in desktop application use becouse they're slow as hell on a hard drive based system like my desktop and I'm looking for ways to remove it and when I find it I'll make a post about it hopefully.

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