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Wed May 10 2023

I was an Evernote user since the April of 2018 and today I sucsessfully migrated myself over to obsidian.md and deleted my account. Let's talk about that.

I was considering switching over to another note taking platform dince the day they acquired by Bending Spoons but I was paying for the Evernote Premium and actually it was great for me. The old price was 8 liras per month and it was like free. But later on this update has being posted on Evernote blog.

My subscription has jumped to 40 liras per month and it was a bit much for me. I know it isn't much but I wasn't fine with paying that much for an note taking app. The thing that was keeping me on Evernote was it's note syncing feature and it's old device support. I wasn't even using the full features of the premium plan and if we consider the data they're collecting from their users, that price jump was enough for me.

Than I began to search up on the internet for alternatives that I could host myself with my new server and I came across with 2 options. First one was using Obsidian.md with file syncing tools like Resilio Sync or SyncThing and second one being paying for Noteshook. Noteshook is an Evernote like open source note taking platform built with privacy in mind but it isn't self hostable yet and their prices are almost same with Evernote.

  • Come on Batuhan it's just a coffee per month and you're supporting an open source app! Why not just pay for it?

I can hear you saying that but I simply don't want to pay for my note taking application even tho it just costs me a coffee per month. I prefer drinking a real coffee every month for that price.

And as you guess, I decided to use the Obsidian.md. Obsidian.md is actually an offline note taking application without syncing out of the box. Unless you pay 8$ per month and their editor is very flexible and since it was free and doesn't collects any data I decided to go with it.

This post on Obsidian > As you can see on top, this blogpost has written using Obsidians Linux client.

Now I had to find a way to sync my notes between my Laptop, desktop and phone. My first plan was using Syncthing for that but it's lack of official iOS app was keeping me away from it so I decided to use Resilio Sync for that. I've installed it on all of my devices and after doing a simple configration all my notes were in sync with each other and I was happy with it.

I hope one day NotesHook becomes self hostable and I can use it freely on all of my devices. Becouse it has the UI and features that I get use of since the year 2018.

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