Today is 6 May 2023

Sat May 06 2023

Dear diary. Today is 06 May 2023. Today is birthday of my girl bestfriend and I hope she’s having a great day but other than that. 3 months has passed since the earthquake happened. If you ask us. We’re doing completely well on that. We recreated our life in past 3 months and succeeded. We’re now in a safe and secure place. Everything is going great on it’s place. But the problem is they forgot it. Everyone expect people who affected by earthquake has already forgot what happened and everybody is focused on election. Just 2 month ago the earthquake was at the main focus of the politicans but now nobody talks about it. I watched the place I called as home collapsing. I watched the place I called home to became a graveyard for more than 50k people just in seconds. I watched people to cry out becouse of their loved ones. Not the things or houses but people they called as home, people they called as family … and much more. They’re gone and no one is able to revive them. So what now? Are we gonna just forget them, are we gonna forget how they left people on their own, are we gonna forget survivors? Are we gonna forget people who is responsible for that? Are we gonna forget people who left us to death? Are we just gonna forget everything? Looks like we have to becouse everyone has forgot it and is there any reason to keep these memories alive? Turkish people loves to forget and this time it didn’t take long for that to happen. But man a disaster like that … Last week I went to Malatya to see how people doing over there and seems like life on Malatya began to turn back to normal and everything going on it’s way but there is a one big problem. The landscape of this city we used to see isn’t there anymore. Without all these buildings and people who makes this city different isn’t there anymore and without them this place feels so strange to me. I used to call this place as home with everything and everyone inside but now. I’m a complete stranger to this place and I won’t be able to be part of Malatya anymore.

I hope this earthquake changes something over at people becouse I don’t want that to happen again and I don’t want to loose my home one more time.

Thank You!

Batuhan Yılmaz - 06.05.2023 - 15/100