My messed up mind

Thu Mar 23 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Batuhan and greetings from another day with my messed up mind and it's messed up ideas and stuff.

Since the day we had that earthquakes, everyday I do loose my mind more and more guys what I mean by that is before that earthquake I had great ideas inside my head and was planning to make them real. The 5th Febuary was a great day it was a sunny day on the Malatya and the school was about to start on it's exiting new season. At the last hours of that night I was planned everything perfectly on and wrote them onto my notebook. The notebook that I was writing my stuff before putting them into Evernote and stuff. Everything was great and at 11pm we all got our beds and had a sleep. That sleep was the worst sleep I ever got. I wasn't know it's reason until the 04:17 am comes. I woke up every 30 minutes for no reason and had a small amount of fear inside. I woke up for one last time. I remember it very detailed, it was 04:07 I woke up get to kitchen and drank a bottle of glass and than get into my bed and started to look my phone. And than I started to hear a noise. A noise that increases and moments later the earthquake has began. It wasn't big at the begginning but than it got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and it kept getting bigger and bigger until it ends. Our walls and stuff has fell of at that first strike and building stayed in it's place. After that we quickly left the building and got into our car. And than a second one happened, it was smaller than the first one but it was enough for our building and some surrounding buildings to collapse... I just don't want to continue on that. We were just happy for that we were survived and left the building on time. Than we left the city, moved into Nevşehir and I'm still up and running.

After that disaster I got addicted to things like watching Youtube videos, Instagram Reels and etc... I don't have any energy to do anything like even writing this blogpost guys. I normally write this out in like 1 hour but it took me 3 days to write and publish this post. Becouse my mind is just a pile of nothing these days, I do feel like a computer that's running without a CPU installed. I don't know how to overcome this situation and I really need help for that. Hopefully I'll write another blogpost soon that says I got recovered and happy the old Batuhan is back! But for now I'm just there standing with nothing. Just a body without a working brain.

That was it guys. I just wanted to update that 1 reader of my blog. As I said I'm still trying to recover in a safe and secure place. If you want to help me you can always send me a mail over the [email protected] address and maybe buy me a coffee any help would be apriciated. As always see you in the next blogpost!

Thank You!

Batuhan Yılmaz - 02.03.2023 - 7/100