I'm back on Blogging

Thu Feb 23 2023

Hello everyone I'm Batuhan and today I can't be more happier becouse I'll be able to start on blogging again. So soo much thing happened in the past, huge earthquakes fallen buildings restarting my life from scratch and etc ... What matters most is me and my family is still alive and today I decided to start blogging again. I had a backup of that website on a hidden Codeberg repo and thanks to that I'm able to restart hosting this website. I'm just writing this tiny post to inform you guys that I'm perfectly fine and just busy with recreating my life and other stuff. I want to say thank you for anyone supports Turkey on this disaster and helps us. Without any further words. Until next time guys!

Thank You!

Batuhan Yılmaz - 23.02.2023 - 6/100