It's time for personal blogs to make a comeback

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Hey guys I'm Batuhan and todays blogpost I'm going to talk about why personal blogging should make a comeback. Actually I had been considering to write a blogpost on that topic for some time. When I came across with The Verge's this post about bringing the blogging back and its importance for the internet. I decided to write my troughs on that.

The post from The Verge mostly talks about how it was before the introduction of the Web 2.0 and how people were connected to each other with these blogs. I won't gonna talk about that on this post becouse I was born in 2005 and my first internet usage was at the 2012. In these days the only place I knew was the Youtube and the Facebook. And becouse of that I don't know or remember anything from that era. But I think that having a personal blog is a much better for sharing your story or your creations and here is my reasons for that.

1 ) You're the only owner of your content

So when you create your blog site using simple tools like Hugo or Jekyll and host it on Github Pages or Codeberg Pages, you're the owner. You're completely free with your content, and no one other than you has any control over it. On platforms like Twitter, you're not actually the owner of your account or the content you share. When something happens, it could get deleted for some "reasons," and recovering that deleted content could be a huge pain.

2 ) It's better than Micro blogging for sharing content

With the intoduction of the Twitter in 2006, people met with a new term named micro blogging. It had less characters than a typical blogpost and aimed for sharing tiny things like a small update on your project or sharing what you're doing on that exact moment. Not suitable for sharing articles or stories. Yes there is people sharing chains of tweets to tell big stories but that actually makes reading that story of the article less readable. Switching trough the posts and trying to find the next part of the chain isn't optimal. For example we're currently in the 2204th character and imagine reading that from a 250 character limited thread ...

These were the 2 main reasons why personal blogs should make a comeback. Creating a blog is a really easy task and if you have cool stories to tell us, why not start your own blog in 2023?

Thank You!

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