Beginning of the #100DaysToOffload

Sun Jan 22 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Batuhan and today I'm going to challenge myself to write 100 blogposts in 2023 and this is the second post of this challenge! If you're wondering what is the first one of this challenge is, it's the post before that post. [(Very very good Engrish momentum :D) Since I'm typing these posts without using any translators or tools like QuillBot or Grammarly to fix my typos and using my own brain to create these sentences. We all could expect some errors because I'm still a newcomer English.]

So anyway, what is the #100DaysToOffload at the first place. Well a simple explanation of this challenge is writing 100 blogposts on your own personal blog inside 365 days. These blogposts doesn't has to be so long or so short or doesn't have to stick into a topic. You can write whatever you want into your personal blogsite and have fun with it. It's a very simple challenge and this is why I'm going to try myself out on writing 100 blogposts until the 2024 comes.

You can go and check out the #100DaysToOffload website to get more information about the challenge and some people who sucsessfuly completed that challenge. Hopefully at the end of the year I'll be at that list too. Who knows. We all gonna see that at the end of this year hopefully.

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Thank You!

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