Using an iPhone 6 Plus as a secondary phone in 2023

Fri Jan 20 2023

Hello everyone, I’m Batuhan and this blogpost has written from my new iPhone 6 Plus! I’ve got this phone from my cousin and it’s been used ver carefully and it runs pretty great. And for that I wanted see how it holds up trough a day and for that I carried it with me to the school and it made trough the day without any big problems. Only problem that I had with this phone is it has a defective battery in it and it doesn’t lasts long. Like since the beginning of the test, I had to plug it in for 3 times and charge it up up to 80 percent in order to keep that thing up. Otherwise it works perfectly fine for almost any tasks. Like writing this blogpost on the Evernote app, taking some photos using the camera or listening music trough the Apple Music. iPhone's battery health Like as you can see on the screenshot that I put there the battery life isn’t good and it could shut itself down even on %60 but I think this is also because that phone was in it’s box since the summer of 2020 and batter could be degraded because of that and I think it’ll fix itself after some charge cycles. Also becouse of these shutdowns the phone put itself into a mode named "Peak performace" and becouse of that it runs slower than it should. But it's an easy fix. Just replace the battery and it's back on the roads with full performance. But for now I'm not planning to do it

Another problem this phone has is it's 16 GB of storage. This phone only has 16 GBs of storage space and 4 GB of it is already filled up by the iOS 12. Which leaves me only 12 GBs of usable storage and after installing like 7 app that I use daily it fills the half of it's usable storage. If you're the one who only uses his phone for phone calls and never installs any other apps than Whatsapp, than there is plenty of empty storage for you. But not for me. iPhone Storage usage As you can see over there I already filled the half if it’s storage space and there is only my music and some apps and it’s half full already I don’t even have the quarter of the things that I have on my 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus. Which I already filled up the 40 GB of this space lol. HomeScreen of the iPhone 6 Plus As you can see there is only 8 apps and 98 music not a single photo on my gallery (expect the iCloud photos which aren’t saved locally on my phone). This is the only problem that I haven’t with this phone as I said. Otherwise this phone is a very nice phone and still usable after all these years. It’a still fast and well supported when age of this phone is considered. And I do believe that this phone would became a better phone with some jailbreaking and a battery swap. In future I'll try to make this phone a better phone but for now I don't have the enough time and money to do the things I planned.

So this was a simple blogpost that I wrote after using it as my second phone for a day. I'm planning to only use this phone as my daily driver and make a longer and detailed blogpost about how it's usable and using it with some jailbreak tweaks. Also I'm gonna write a blogpost about my 7 Plus too but for now I don't have much free time to sit on my computer and write blogposts. So sorry for that. But I'm generally updating my Fosstodon account. You can always come and follow me over there. Also don't forget to join our Discord server if you're looking for somewhere to hang up.

Thank You!

Batuhan Yılmaz - 20.01.2023