Here comes 2023. What do I expect?

Sat Dec 31 2022

Hello everyone, I'm Batuhan Yılmaz and as we all know another year has come to it's end. With it's good sides and bad sides it was a good year for me, becouse recovering from the global pandemic and turning back to schools and the social life after 2 years of lockdown was a huge plus for me. With it's good sides and bad sides it was a good year.

What do I expect from the 2023?

So yeah a complete new year and of course things will change a bit, but I'm not into that "A new year a new me" shit becouse we all know that most of us doesn't gets their new year plans done. So all I expect from the 2023 is just succsess on the final year of the highschool. Becouse in June 2023, I'll take an exam to attend my dream college and become a college-graduated software engineer. We all know that everyone looking for a Carbon Developer that has 10 years of experience and gradue from Harvard. And becouse of that I have to work hard and get into that college. Other than that I just expect another good year like 2022.

Acknowledge of 2022

As my last words of 2022, I want to say thanks to everyone who made 2022 an awesome year for me. I really can't imagine how 2022 would've been without them. I'm not just talking about the people I talk to in my life. I'm also talking about the people on my Discord server. You guys are just awesome in every way, and I want to thank you for making the last two years of my life awesome! I wish you all have the best in 2023.

One more thing

As one more thing, I asked ChatGPT to write a blogpost about new year and here's the result:

ChatGPT Answer

Thank You.

Batuhan Yılmaz - 31.12.22