Here goes the November 2022

Wed Nov 30 2022

Hello everyone I'm Batuhan Yılmaz. It's been long time since last time I publish something to my blog. 5 months since my last post and some stuff has been changed since then. Like the way I host this blog, the look and feel, the city I'm in and etc. I'm not gonna talk about them for now becouse they're topic for anpther blogpost. The reason why I didn't published anything is actually becouse I don't have mcuh free time for writing up. I become a 12th grade student in Turkey and the achievements I'll get this year is so important for the university that I'll go. And as we all know a good university means a good carrier and if I want to be a Software engineer with a good salary then I have to work hard this year. Anyway back to topic. The reason for this blogpost was just to inform the 1 person who reads my post that I'm maintaining this website.🙂

One more thing

  • I know this header may sound exiting but actually it's not really much. As you guys know, I do selfhost this webpage and my server don't gets the best uptimes and for that I decided to use the Codeberg Pages as a backup site under the blog subdomain and use the main domain for the main site. Hopefully it will be a better solution as a backup.

Thank You.

  • Batuhan Yılmaz - 30.11.22