Creating a new blog site. How I created it?

Wed Jun 15 2022

Hello everyone! This is Batuhan and this is the first post of my new blog.

But why?

This is a perfect question because I don’t have an proper answer for that. What I mean is I always wanted to have a blog site that’s easy to deploy and doesn’t needs lots of work to make something looks good. Another answer is: I love logging what I’m doing and sharing that with other people who interested on the same topic with me. Firstly I was considered the Google Blogpost as a blog site but than I realised that it would be harder to do that using it because it doesn’t have good themes as the Jekyll does and not so easy to configure it. Than I started to host my own services at 22 March 2022 and with that I started to consider creating my own blog website. But at that time I wasn’t knew about the Jekyll and I was thinking about hiring a web developer and paying that guy like hundrends or thousands of dollars to just have a simple blog website that has a good backend. Than I came across with some blog sites and some documentation sites of Open source is using a thing named “Jekyll” to create these web sites and than I started to do some research about it and this is where I’m right now. I started to a journey with that and hopefully that journey will last

How I created that website with lot’s of limitations from my ISP?

Now this is a question that I really want to answer a lot because my ISP doesn’t gives us IPv6 addresses and uses IPv4 with CG-NAT. Which makes opening a port impossible and they sell static IP’s for expensive prices and it’s really not worth to pay for it. So while I was doing researches about cheap VPS provider and I was about to pay Linode 5$/mo to just bridge my connection to a server that I don’t even know who can access to it. Than I started to look into other things like Ngrok but the problem with these stuff you had to use their domain for your website if you don’t want to pay for it. Than I came across with CloudFlareD tunnel. It was like finding Diamonds while mining hopelessly on Minecraft. It had everything that I wanted. It was free, I could use my own domain which I paid for it and most importantly it had features like ddos protection and other stuff. So I started to deploy my stuff on a Ivy Bridge era computer using Ubuntu Server 20.04. And it’s been 3 months now and I didn’t had any problems with it.

How I created that website ?

So only thing that I had to do is setting up the Jekyll package as the documentation suggests. Quickstart | Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites And that’s it. It’s ready for production.

So this was my first blogpost on my new blog and thanks for reading and joining to my journey with me. Please do not forget to join our Discord serverThe Batuhan’s Network!

Thank You!